Disinfecting Services

Concerned about Coronavirus/COVID-19?

Keep your business operating safely by cleaning and sanitizing regularly. Don’t risk having germs, bacteria and viruses linger in your environment. Sanitizing your office or building is an important step in keeping everyone safe and healthy.

What’s the Best Way to Disinfect?

Wiping down all high-touch surfaces with approved cleaners and disinfectants is definitely a good thing.

In addition, we use a disinfecting fogging machine for the most thorough sanitizing possible.

disinfecting fogging machine

The Benefits of Disinfectant Fogging

Fogging is a more effective method of disinfecting and deodorizing spaces because the mist created by the fogger gets into hard to reach areas that traditional cleaning methods do not always reach.

Our process is safe and effective in killing bacteria, mold, allergens and viruses (including human coronavirus and influenza) to keep your building safe and clean and is 99.99% effective within 4 minutes of application.

We use a hospital grade, food surface safe, plant based solution to disinfect and deodorize your areas as safely and efficiently as possible, and leave it smelling amazing.

Restrictions for Fogging

Before we arrive, we ask that any open food items be put away inside of a sealed container, pantry, or cabinet. We also ask that any electronic devices with a fan be powered off. If they are powered off, then all electronics will be safe. Finally, we require the building to be unoccupied by humans and animals for at least 3 hours after the treatment.

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Disinfecting services cover the greater Plano and Collin County area